Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Shaiek Abdul Qaadir al-Jeelaani [Rahamtul Laah Alaieh]

"The Honorable 'Shaiek Abdul Qaadir al-Jeelaani [Rahamtul Laah Alaieh] passed on to the Realm of Divine Beauty in A.H. 561/1166 C.E.,  11 of Rabi ul Aakhir and his blessed mausoleum in Baghdad is still a place of pious visitation. He is noted for his extraordinary spiritual experiences and exploits, as well as his memorable sayings and wise teachings. It is rightly said of him that
'He was born in love, grew in perfection, and met his Lord in the perfection of love.‘
 May the All-Glorious Lord bring us in contact with his lofty spiritual influence!"

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