Sunday, January 31, 2016

Continued from Lecture.... Mahbuubiyat Hazrat Ghaus al-Azam [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]


He became closer to Allaah Kareem and The Crown Of Beloved Friendship [Mahbubiyat] was placed on his head. Allaah Kareem  says in a Hadees e Qudsi in Saheeh Bukhaari:
My servant attains proximity to Me though performing optional devotions [Nafil],  [he attains the state that] I make him or her My beloved. When I begin loving him  I become his faculty of hearing whereby he listens, I become his faculty of sight whereby he sees  I become his hands whereby he grasps I become his feet with which he walks [and in another similar Hadees it states] I become his tongue with which he speaks....

The servant becomes the reflector [Mazhar] of the attributes [Sifaat] of Allaah Kareem. Does Allaah Kareem not listen to us from every place? So the Walee is divinely equipped to hear from all places by becoming the reflector of Allaah Kareem’s attribute of The All-Hearing [As-Samee].
So when we call out Yaa Ghaus al-Azam! Hazrat Ghaus al-Azam [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh]  listens to us.
If this is the status of Auliyaa Allaah , then work out what the status of the Holy Prophet [Sallal Laah Alaieh Wa Sallam]? When Allaah Kareem  says, ‘I become his faculty of sight whereby he sees’ then the Walee's seeing is different from the ordinary person. As nothing is hidden from the vision of Allaah Kareem  so too nothing is hidden from the Walee who reflects the attribute of the All-Seeing.  Allaah Kareem says, ‘I become his hands whereby he grasps’.  What does it mean? I am not explaining this, neither is any 14th Century Maullvi but Imaam Fakhruddin Raazi [Rahmatul Laah Alaieh] the writer of Tafseer e Kabeer, a universally accepted commentary who in explaining this very Hadees says, ‘When any servant of Allaah Kareem worships Him, attains His pleasure and eventually reaches the state of Mahbuubiyat then he does not see with his physical eye but he sees with the light of Allaah Kareem. He sees everything that is near and at a distance equally.  He listens to every near and distant sound. He can institute change through free disposal [Tasarruf] with his hands in ease and difficulty.’ His state is such that he can save a ship from sinking, listen to a plea, and help one in distress whilst he sits in Baghdad.....Sub haan Allaah.
To be continued. In Shaa Allaah.!

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